3 Days by train, in London

 3 Days in London Meet Chris Osburn (also known as TikiChris!) a London local and helping us to plan a perfect 3 days authentic getaway in London… Welcome to London! I love living here and am happy to share a few recs on making the most of your time in this amazing city. In particular, London’s […]


Splendid City Summer: London

Start your summer in London with a sizzle 70% of UK train journeys start or finish in London and it is the perfect destination to get your summer off to a splendid start. From Fork to Fork to the new Tate Modern, the opening of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child to Wimbledon and the […]


Meet our developers: Antony Thomas

For many, the prospect of a career change can be extremely daunting;   especially when it involves the acquisition of new skills and proving your suitability to a potential recruiter – all without the required professional experience. However Trainline Agile Developer Antony Thomas has demonstrated that taking the plunge can open up a land of […]


5 Facts about London Blackfriars Station

    1. It’s the only railway station that spans the River Thames London Blackfriars’ station platforms stretch the entire width of Blackfriars Railway Bridge. It can take trains with up to 12 coaches.     2. It’s the world’s largest solar-powered bridge 4,400 photovoltaic panels cover the roof of Blackfriars station, fulfilling up to 50% of the station’s […]

Abandoned places in the UK

8 Abandoned Places in Britain

1. Maunsell Forts – Thames Estuary, London In the darkest days of World War 2, Britain stood alone and at threat of invasion from the sea. The Maunsell forts were constructed in the Thames Estuary as a last line of defence to seaborne forces, and were named after their inventor, Guy Maunsell. They were even […]


Christmas Lights in 2015

Christmas Lights in London 2015   There are several areas of Central London that have their own Christmas Light Displays. Oxford Street When: 1st November Regent Street When: 15th November Duke of York Square When: 7th November Carnaby Street (includes shopping event) When: 12th November       Manchester Christmas Lights 2015   When: Saturday 7th November […]