Wimbledon Tickets Vs. Mobile Tickets

Getting hold of your Wimbledon tickets is jolly good fun, waiting in line with like-minded Murray-lovers, strawberries in your cool bag, cosy under a Union Jack umbrella – lovely! But the same ticketing joy doesn’t always apply at the train station. At Trainline we know that all tickets are equal but some (mobile tickets!) are more equal than […]


You can also travel on…

Have you ever bought a train ticket and then needed to change your travel plans? Ditto! It can be really stressful when you’re thrown a curve ball and you need to take a different train. There is a less-stress way, using Trainline’s app to book tickets you can see which other train services your ticket is valid […]


Reasons to visit Dad by train this June

Father’s Day is just around the corner (19th June), and as if you need them, we’ve made a list of the reasons to hop on a train and visit your ol’Dad… Eccentric Dad Dad has random hobbies which he takes to extremes. We’re talking the oddities that only his nearest and dearest can understand. It’s […]

Search Glastonbury Festival

  Glastonbury Festival by train is a no-brainer… Travelling by train is a straightforward way to get to Glastonbury Festival, and it’s on a mobile ticket route so you can use your phone to avoid the queues. Heading to the festival by train frees up your time to chill, eat, sleep, read, check your phone, watch […]


I am delighted to announce that we have acquired Continental Europe’s leading independent online rail retailer, Captain Train. You can read the official press release here. What does this mean? It means that as a combined business we will be the world’s leading independent European rail retailer. For you, our customers, it means that buying […]


The Taming Of The Queue

It’s seen as a traditionally British pastime, but Trainline research reveals the things we’re happy to queue for – as well as the situations where the need to wait in line drives us to frustration and anger! The research, released to mark a huge increase in the purchase of mobile train tickets, also shows that […]


Meet our developers: Antony Thomas

For many, the prospect of a career change can be extremely daunting;   especially when it involves the acquisition of new skills and proving your suitability to a potential recruiter – all without the required professional experience. However Trainline Agile Developer Antony Thomas has demonstrated that taking the plunge can open up a land of […]

Video: Mobile train tickets are here!

Queuing at station ticket machines? No longer! With mobile tickets on the Trainline app, you get tickets delivered directly to your smartphone or tablet. That means you get all your tickets and travel details in one place. All you need to do is tap the app.   Lots of journey are available, and with more routes are being […]