How to get to the UKs top day festivals

How to get to the UK’s top day festivals

We’ve only got today 🎶 Love music but hate spending several days cooped up in a tent and smelling a tad, eh… au-natural? Or maybe you’ve done Glasto once or twice and are not sure you are willing to commit to another full weekend of camping and dry shampoo. Well, maybe a day festival is for […]

Alternative city trips in Europe

Best alternative city trips in Europe by train

All for one, or one for all. If you think that European train travel is confined to Paris and Brussels, think again.  There are a whole host of routes that provide an interesting alternative to those two delightful but mainstream destinations.  Here are a few of our favourites that you can visit on their own, […]

Summer in the alps

The Alps: Spend Summer in the Mountains

Treat yourself to a summer in the Alps Ski buffs might beg to differ, but my favourite time to visit the Alps is in summer. It’s an idyllic scene. The tinkling of cow bells floats on the breeze, the scent of flowers wafts from countless window boxes and cloudless cerulean skies complement the craggy greys […]

South of France

Summer in the South of France by Train

A family trip to the South of France, easy by train. If you’ve set your sights on seeing some of Southern France this summer, then taking the train to Lyon is a good start.  The fastest trains from London to Lyon take under five hours and with fares starting at just 51 euros, it’s both […]

Easter Getaway Hacks from Trainline

Avoid Easter getaway stress with these travel tips

Less time in traffic = more time for chocolate! 🚄 🍫 🐰 Easter marks the start of spring. It’s great, excessive chocolate consumption, and around 30 variants of hot-cross bun in the shops – both predictable and delightful in equal measure. However, there are some predictable features of Easter that are considerably less delightful, like traffic jams or stomach ache […]

Make train travel easy

Our mission to make train travel easy

Train travel just got easier… We’re always championing simpler rail travel, so when today, Rail Delivery Group (RDG) revealed a radical overhaul of current UK train fares by testing the removal of complicated train ticketing rules, it was music to our ears. The RDG plans* set out measures to make ticket machines more user-friendly and to provide […]