Easter Getaway Hacks from Trainline

Avoid Easter getaway stress with these travel tips

Less time in traffic = more time for chocolate! 🚄 🍫 🐰 Easter marks the start of spring. It’s great, excessive chocolate consumption, and around 30 variants of hot-cross bun in the shops – both predictable and delightful in equal measure. However, there are some predictable features of Easter that are considerably less delightful, like traffic jams or stomach ache […]

Make train travel easy

Our mission to make train travel easy

Train travel just got easier… We’re always championing simpler rail travel, so when today, Rail Delivery Group (RDG) revealed a radical overhaul of current UK train fares by testing the removal of complicated train ticketing rules, it was music to our ears. The RDG plans* set out measures to make ticket machines more user-friendly and to provide […]

Escape Valentine's Day

The Great (Valentine’s Day) Escape

Because some people prefer not to share their chocolate… Valentine’s Day is a lovely rest-bite to the otherwise dank and grey winter months. Although traditionally for two, we like the idea of a modern Valentine’s Day, reclaimed for eating posh chocs and going on adventures, in ones, twos, threes or whatever you fancy. So, here […]

Valentine's Day Surprise

Valentine’s Day Surprise – It’s time to book!

The fool proof Valentine’s Day checklist… Valentine’s Day has a tendency to creep up on you, and although everyone says they want a quiet night in. No-one can deny the thrill they get when their special person makes an extra special effort. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered, here’s what you need to know to set […]

Trainline back to uni

Back to Uni Bingo: Post-Christmas Edition

Back to Uni Bingo: Post-Christmas Edition It’s January, that means, back to uni (again!). Finally you can return to your independent, free-spirited uni-life and the battle of wills that is bin-jenga. 1. Leftovers Despite being weeks since Christmas day, your mum will undoubtedly pack an empty chocolate tub full of leftovers for your return to […]

Go somewhere new

Five travel resolutions for 2017

5 Travel resolutions for 2017 A new year, a new you… that is the aim, but by mid-January it is quite challenging to stick to your plans. So we’ve rounded up some top tips as travel resolutions even the most disorganised person can keep. 1. Go somewhere new This year promise yourself that you will go […]

Christmas Shopping by Heidi Sandstrom

5 Tips for last minute Christmas travel

5 Tips for last minute Christmas travel Although Christmas is the same time each year, undoubtedly there are occasions when we need to move around at the last minute, so here are our top tips for taking the train for last minute Christmas travel. 1. Check your journey The number one rule of Christmas travel is […]