Alternative city trips Trainline Europe Guide

Best alternative city trips in Europe by train

Trainline Europe’s guide to alternative city trips in Europe. If you think that European train travel is confined to Paris and Brussels, think again.  There are a whole host of routes that provide an interesting alternative to those two delightful but mainstream destinations.  Here are a few of our favourites that you can visit on […]

Quirky and unusual places in Paris

Quirky and unusual places in Paris

You haven’t been here before. If you’ve been to Paris before, you’re going to want to skip the major tourist sights and head off somewhere different.  Fortunately the French capital has plenty of quirky and unusual places to visit. Here are a few of our favourites. The pet cemetery (Cimetière des Chiens et Autres Animaux […]

Weekend breaks in Europe

Warm weekend breaks in Europe

There‘s a plethora of cities within easy reach of London We get it.  It’s supposed to be summer and yet the good old British weather has done it again.  There’s a reason why they call these weather systems depressions.  But don’t think you need to dash off to the airport just yet if you’re desperate […]

Summer in the alps

The Alps: Spend Summer in the Mountains

Treat yourself to a summer in the Alps Ski buffs might beg to differ, but my favourite time to visit the Alps is in summer. It’s an idyllic scene. The tinkling of cow bells floats on the breeze, the scent of flowers wafts from countless window boxes and cloudless cerulean skies complement the craggy greys […]

Take the train

7 reasons to stop travelling on autopilot

Whether you are planning a trip up north, or heading across the channel, chances are, when it comes to booking travel, flying is what automatically springs to mind. And when you plan your journey by plane once or twice, you tend to switch to autopilot (pun intended) and not consider the alternatives. Take the train for […]

South of France

Summer in the South of France by Train

A family trip to the South of France, easy by train. If you’ve set your sights on seeing some of Southern France this summer, then taking the train to Lyon is a good start.  The fastest trains from London to Lyon take under five hours and with fares starting at just 51 euros, it’s both […]