The Queen Rides First Class. Image: The Guardian

Queen Elizabeth II’s Greatest Train Moments: The Queen’s Birthday

To Celebrate HM The Queen’s Birthday, we’ve scoured the history books to find her finest train moments. Happy Birthday Ma’am!

6. In a mind-blowing twist, her Majesty the Queen boards a train service from Kings Lynn to Kings Cross. Blooming Marvellous!

HM the Queen boarding a train from Kings Lynn to London Kings Cross. Image: Daily Mail

5. The Royal Party arrives on a train to Leicester for the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations

The Queen arrives at Leicester for her Jubilee Celebrations - Image: Telegraph

4. The Commuting Queen, on a visit to Baker Street station to celebrate 150 years of the London Underground

The Queen visits Baker Street station to celebrate 100 years of the London Underground. Image: Guardian

3. Queen Elizabeth II with Princess Margaret, Prince Charles and Prince Andrew in the royal train en route for Christmas at Sandringham.

The Queen and family ride the Royal Train to Sandringham for Christmas. Image: Telegraph

2. The Queen takes a ride on a vintage steam train in Hampshire.

The Queen rides a steam train in Hampshire. Image: The Guardian

1. HM The Queen travelling on a first class train service to Sandringham. 

The Queen Rides First Class. Image: The Guardian

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3 Ways to smash January (NSFJ)

WARNING: This blog is NSFJ (not safe for January)

Struggling to stick to those lofty new year’s resolutions? Moaning through a month on mineral water. We’re here for you! We think its time for you to break those New Year’s resolutions, and break them in style.

1. Don’t go dry, head to a beer festival!

No Alcohol? All January? That sounds awfully difficult. If you’re about to cave in, be civilised about it! January boasts some marvellous drinking events to wet even the thirstiest whistle. Why not try Manchester’s Beer & Cider Festival, featuring over 300 cask ales along with traditional ciders and perries, real ale in a bottle and both bottled and draught foreign beers. Check out trains to flight

2. Don’t go to the gym, head outdoors!

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 13.02.02 Forget that pricey gym membership, changing room awks and protein shakes (you know it’s not going to last). So what if its cold! Man-up, grab your duffel coat head to the Lake District for your exercise fix. Who needs central heating and talcum powder anyway? Take a look at trains to the Lake District.

3. Don’t save money (except on train travel) Its time to treat yourself!



Down with the Detox! Its time to chomp your way to victory with some serious pig outs!


Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 12.48.38

Blow your first pay cheque in style!

Treat yourself to a West End Weekend

There’s no business like show business. Catch a show in London and make a night of it with a free hotel stay when booking through, with awesome shows including from ‘Thriller’ to ‘The 39 Steps’.

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 12.49.54

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Announcing, the funniest announcement heard on a train

I was on a big red train the other day where a lovely lady, whilst pushing along the breakfast cart, was (jokingly) barking at customers who wanted to know what was on offer.

“Did you not hear my announcement?” she said, tongue firmly planted in cheek. Nobody had.

Announcements are focal to the experience of being on a train. Far from just telling you where the journey is at, they are the passengers’ link to the inner workings of rail. They can be anticipated, ignored, or automatic (literally or metaphorically). Too many announcements and the customer will switch off. Too few and the customers feel out of the loop.

Train announcements our customers liked

And sometimes, especially when train staff use a little leeway, they can be darn funny. We asked customers on our Facebook page to share the funniest. Here’s what we got:

“On the Leeds-London train there is a guard who always tells you which station you need for ‘Sunny Skegness’, no matter the weather.” – Gemma Downing

“Sorry for the delay in departing, but the automatic brakes are, erm, being too automatic” – Gemma Hewitt

(In a ‘tired of life’ tone) “We are now arriving at Birmingham New Street. Please try not to get too excited.” – Daniel Tonks

The funniest train announcement

And our favourite announcement, as well as the most liked on Facebook, was from Tom:

“As a special treat we’ll be selling lion bars on this service.” He then roared. – Tom Landers

What’s your funniest announcement?

Care to share an announcement that has made you chuckle? Share with us here and the best comment will win the complete adoration of blog team. (Seriously, we read them out to each other!)

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