Announcing, the funniest announcement heard on a train

I was on a big red train the other day where a lovely lady, whilst pushing along the breakfast cart, was (jokingly) barking at customers who wanted to know what was on offer.

“Did you not hear my announcement?” she said, tongue firmly planted in cheek. Nobody had.

Announcements are focal to the experience of being on a train. Far from just telling you where the journey is at, they are the passengers’ link to the inner workings of rail. They can be anticipated, ignored, or automatic (literally or metaphorically). Too many announcements and the customer will switch off. Too few and the customers feel out of the loop.

Train announcements our customers liked

And sometimes, especially when train staff use a little leeway, they can be darn funny. We asked customers on our Facebook page to share the funniest. Here’s what we got:

“On the Leeds-London train there is a guard who always tells you which station you need for ‘Sunny Skegness’, no matter the weather.” – Gemma Downing

“Sorry for the delay in departing, but the automatic brakes are, erm, being too automatic” – Gemma Hewitt

(In a ‘tired of life’ tone) “We are now arriving at Birmingham New Street. Please try not to get too excited.” – Daniel Tonks

The funniest train announcement

And our favourite announcement, as well as the most liked on Facebook, was from Tom:

“As a special treat we’ll be selling lion bars on this service.” He then roared. – Tom Landers

What’s your funniest announcement?

Care to share an announcement that has made you chuckle? Share with us here and the best comment will win the complete adoration of blog team. (Seriously, we read them out to each other!)

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