3 nights in Germany

Things to do in Germany: Three cities in three nights

Berlin, Munich, Cologne Whereas most countries have one or two cities that are a must visit, Germany has, quite frankly, too much choice. From the capital of the country itself to the capital of Bavaria, and all those other cities such as Hamburg, Stuttgart and Dresden in between, it’s quite impossible to pick somewhere to visit […]

How to get to the UKs top day festivals

How to get to the UK’s top day festivals

We’ve only got today 🎶 Love music but hate spending several days cooped up in a tent and smelling a tad, eh… au-natural? Or maybe you’ve done Glasto once or twice and are not sure you are willing to commit to another full weekend of camping and dry shampoo. Well, maybe a day festival is for […]

Take the train

7 reasons to stop travelling on autopilot

Whether you are planning a trip up north, or heading across the channel, chances are, when it comes to booking travel, flying is what automatically springs to mind. And when you plan your journey by plane once or twice, you tend to switch to autopilot (pun intended) and not consider the alternatives. Take the train for […]