Easter Getaway Hacks from Trainline

Less time in traffic = more time for chocolate! 🚄 🍫 🐰

Easter marks the start of spring. It’s great, excessive chocolate consumption, and around 30 variants of hot-cross bun in the shops – both predictable and delightful in equal measure.

However, there are some predictable features of Easter that are considerably less delightful, like traffic jams or stomach ache from too much chocolate indulgence.

So, to help ease the stress of an Easter getaway we’ve delved deep into our data bank and pulled out the best options for skipping the stressful bits this Easter…

Easter Getaway Hacks from Trainline

Don’t forget Easter routes are now available to book, you can save an avergae 43% by booking in advance rather than purchasing your tickets on the day of travel. Book here.

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