Mother's Day

Reasons to visit Mum by train this March

Mother’s Day is just around the corner (Sunday 26th March 👈 get it in your diary!), and as if you need them, we’ve made a list of the reasons to hop on a train and visit your lovely Mum…


Mum is cool

As much as you hate to admit it, she’s pretty cool, so it’s nice to hang out a little bit every once in a while.


No-one can make Mum’s recipes

Even when you follow her exact instructions cooking the family favourites for yourself never tastes the same.


You can watch “Mum” TV together

Watching period dramas is less guilty pleasure and more necessity when Mum is around. So a weekend at home to indulge in manor houses and the gossip of high society.


Mum puts up with your nonsense

Unlike in the big bad world, Mum puts up with your childish ways. A visit home will be a refreshing break for you, if not for your poor mother.


Mum always makes an effort for you

Mum never forgets the special touches, from the exact number of candles on your birthday cake to your favourite flavour of pot noodle.


When you treat Mum, you can treat yourself

A little bit mean, but Mum won’t enjoy a spa day on her own if you catch the drift 😜


Mum knows 

Of course your mum knows what you get up too, but she’s wise enough to only step in if it is going to end in a real disaster.


Because she’s Mum ❤️️

Sometimes a phone call is not enough. It is lovely to keep in touch, but you have to see Mum in her natural surroundings to get the full benefit. Catch a train home for Mother’s Day.

Don’t forget booking in advance saves an average 43% vs booking your train tickets on the day, so, let mum know you’re coming down and book your tickets here.

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