3 Days in Liverpool

We’ve teamed with Stephanie Bewley from the Liverpool Blogger Network to bring you a thrilling 3 days in the city… (Book a train to Liverpool here.)

Stephanie Bewley - LIVBLOGGERSSo you wanna’ know what it’s like to spend 3 days in the city of Liverpool? Well, you’re in for a treat. With cocktail bars, food that inspires, fun that excites and shopping galore – it’s the real city that never sleeps.

Liverpool Bloggers over the past year has grown the blogger network in the city, and this has revealed a whole new chapter on ‘word of mouth recommendations’. Where’s the place you need to be, that you aren’t going to find on TripAdvisor? You got your own personal guide right here.

Day 1:

You arrive at Liverpool Lime Street; the heartbeat of the cosmopolitan cocktail that welcomes new faces and waves goodbye to locals who won’t be away too long.

You’re excited; you’re jittery and you don’t know where to start. The city centre is the perfect start to your day, and you’re slap bang in the middle. So let’s start the day with that bang, and get down to Breakout Liverpool. Now, it’s a little wacky – but let’s face it, you’re in Liverpool for fun, right? The concept here is a live escape room game. You’re locked in a room with your friends for an hour and your job is to solve a series of puzzles and mysteries to escape, searching high and low for clues and work together if you want to escape. Think you can handle it?

After all that palaver, you’re feeling peckish and want to sample the local cuisine. Liverpool is becoming a delicious delight – full of expanding restaurants packed to bursting with food galore. We’ve given you a few of our favourites, so here’s our…

Top 5 Off The Track Places to Eat in Liverpool:
1. Slims Pork Chop Express – An awesome little place on Seel Street that serve up ribs, burgers, and pulled pork. The real deal breaker here is their BBQ Club menu, that offers up the best ever soft shell crab deep fried in a spicy batter, with sticky char sui sauce and spring onion. You ain’t lived ‘til you’ve tried it!

Slims Pork Chop Express
2. Turtle Bay – New to Liverpool is the Caribbean twist, serving up a jerk spice that rattles your taste buds. With two of these; one on Victoria Street and the other on Hanover Street, you’re sure to find something sweet and tasty on this menu. Not to mention their fruity cocktails!

3.  Crust Liverpool – If you love the Italian, the get down to Crust Liverpool on Bold Street. With a huge fire burner stove to make those pizzas fresh before your eyes, it has a great vibe buzzing about the place. (Another old favourite that I should mention is Casa Italia, on Stanley Street. This place has been here for years and years, with a very traditional setup. It’s a classic favourite at heart.)

Crust Liverpool

4. Wall of Fame – It’s got The Beatles plastered on the wall, and a huge American flag. It’s a hip place, serving up fabulous food. Great place to be of a night too, with live bands and the crowd always up for a great night.

Wall of Fame

5. The Clubhouse – New to the Liverpool One scene is this pristine place. With an outdoor bar, it’s a huge hit when the sun comes out to play. This country house, all decked in white is a beauty, and offers up classic dishes with a hefty weighting of class.

Is it too much to choose from? Sorry, we spoiled you. But after all that, we’ve got more in store. How about having a ball at the Roxy Ball Room. Not only is there a fantastic outdoor drinking garden that looks out over Liverpool One, but this place boasts pool tables, ping-pong and mini golf – all while you eat and drink. It’s the epitome of a big kids dream. With a very chilled out and fun atmosphere, you’ll soon welcome your competitive side.

Today’s over, but there’s always tomorrow…

Day 2:

You’re feeling adventurous. You decide to go off the tracks and visit Liverpool outside of the hustle. Head for the train station; either Liverpool Central or Moorfields and hop the 10-minute journey to Kirkdale Station. Here, you’re going to head towards Liverpool’s most passionate places. Now you need to make the bold decision here, are you a red or a blue? Goodison Park, home of Everton Football Club or Anfield, welcome to Liverpool Football Club. If you’re looking to go on a match day, you will literally be able to feel the desire of our fans, and be swept away with a magic that cannot be described. Your team wins – euphoria like no other.

Away from the football fields, we’re back on the train and heading to Waterloo station. It’s a nice day, (in an ideal world) so a trip to see the Iron Men is on the agenda; a mesmerising scene of sand and sea, with men guarding the waves. They stand, proud and powerful. It’s a sight to be seen.

While we’re around the Crosby area and you’re feeling a little peckish, take a stroll to Annie’s Tea Room; a quaint and endearing place that has been plucked from the pages of a fairy tale. Teacups and teacakes, knick-knacks and sandwiches – you’re warmed from head to toe with the homely sense that fills you up inside.

After tea and cakes, you should pop over to The Vintage Corner; a gem of the city that transports you to another era. It’s a small store, with bundles of character and class. Retro garments are missing from your wardrobe, and here you’ll find a classic outfit that gets you noticed for all the right reasons.

If you’re done here, then we’ve got more for you back in the centre. So catch that train back into town and head for some food. Pick another from our Top 5; we dare you! But after this, the fun isn’t over because tonight, we’re going for a few drinks.

Go from Liverpool Central Station and turn up Bold Street. You’ll see the iconic Bombed Out Church staring back at you. You have two choices, and both are favourites. Carry on to Leece Street, and head into Hannah’s Bar. Summer time is this places friend, because they open up the roof and the windows open out the street letting in all that sun. This is with a cocktail in hand of course, which Hannah’s Bar is iconic for – a favourite is the classic Piña Colada.

Berry and Rye

Or you could opt for the very mysterious Berry and Rye. Located on Berry Street, facing the Bombed Out Church you’ll soon come across a place with no name. All shrouded in black, it’s easy to miss. This cave of wonders finds inspiration in pre-prohibition era-drinks that tempt the senses. It’s a small, warm and cozy place surrounded in dark wood, hosting for only a select few people. You better be early on the weekend – once it’s full, they close the door and that’s it. The night goes on…

Day 3:

After last night, you’re going to want a sturdy breakfast. Go off towards The Brink on Parr Street, Liverpool’s first dry bar and restaurant. Serving up the classic full English, or going all American with pancakes and waffles, this place is sure to fill your boots. A favourite is the fresh press juices that will get you going!

The Brink

Let’s chill out a bit today, and do a little shop and pamper. Go off to Bold Street and visit Rex Liverpool. It’s a fantastically positive place that showcases all of Liverpool’s independent brands in one place. From start-ups, this is the platform to launch these talents. You’ll find unique pieces, and the heart of Liverpool here.

Is it pamper time? If you’re looking for the Liverpool look, go to Peaches and Cream. It’s become an iconic landmark in Liverpool, boasting flawless makeup, fluttering lashes and glamorous hair – all wrapped up in the best possible packaging of the Peaches brand. People travel from all over to visit these girls, and it’s one not to miss. Or maybe you’re a lad looking for a change up to your grooming style. Then look no further than the controversial Barber Barber. With clean cuts, close shaves and dapper chaps looking after you, this men’s only barbers has a bar to keep you cool and collected.

You’re looking to part, and it’s time for some live music and coffee at Leaf before you head back on that train. Leaf is where you want to chill out; it’s a vibe that is comforting and motivational, surrounded by coffee drinkers and original music. It’s a home from home, and great place to end your time in Liverpool.

A busy 3 days, hey? We’ve shown you Liverpool from the eyes of an insider. It’s a passionate and thriving place that’s growing. Will you be there to see it?

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