Father’s Day is just around the corner (19th June), and as if you need them, we’ve made a list of the reasons to hop on a train and visit your ol’Dad…

Eccentric Dad

Dad has random hobbies which he takes to extremes. We’re talking the oddities that only his nearest and dearest can understand. It’s worth making tracks home to investigate the latest phase of eccentric Dad.

eccentric dad


Bank of Dad

If you visit Dad planning to use your train-fare savings* to treat him to slap up Father’s Day meal and shopping spree, you know he will be the one with his wallet out at the end of the evening. Thanks Dad.



Dad mode activated

Since you were knee high to a grasshopper Dad has been there to save you from all manner of mishaps. Including a reminder to stay behind the yellow line, not to run on the platform and of course mind the gap…



The ways of Dad

On becoming Dad new challenges are faced, especially if mum is otherwise occupied. Dad finds his own ways of managing the day to day challenges of parenting.



Dad hugs

Dad hugs are like bear hugs only safer. Even those with maximum bravado can be melted by a great big Dad hug.



Techno Dad

Dad always buys the latest tech, he has no idea what it does, or how to switch it on. He might need a little help downloading the latest trainline app update.



Macho Dad

Dad is a tough guy (in his head!). He has spent decades training you in how to have courage, strength and other macho attributes. Visiting Dad for a weekend kick-about is a great way to thank him, without the need for a mushy card.



Dad dancing

The last time you saw Dad was at that family thing – do the locomotion with me ?. Visit Dad so that you can replace the memory of him busting his moves and knee skidding across the dance floor with a tie around his head, with something new.



We love Dad <3

Sometimes a phone call is not enough. It is lovely to keep in touch, but you have to see Dad in his natural surroundings to get the full benefit. Catch a train home for Father’s Day.


*An average 43% can be saved by booking in advance vs. purchase on the day.
To help Dad learn more about our mobile apps get him to click here.


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