8 places in Newcastle you NEED on your Instagram Feed

1. The Angel of the North


Imposing, bleak, beautiful…. And that’s just the landscape.



2. Beamish


The land that time forgot.  Ensure you don’t by Instagramming it.


The Bedford…

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3. Bigg Market


Very few places know how to party like Newcastle.  Big Market is the epicenter.  Coats (and shoes) optional.



4. Tyne Bridge


Such a Geordie landmark that it even appears on bottles of Newcastle ‘Broon’ Ale.



5. Jesmond Dene Park


A tranquil spot to relax and brush up on your nature photography.



6. Victoria Tunnel


A hidden subterranean gem beneath the city streets.


Poor quality sorry #lateshows #ouseburn #newcastle #victoriatunnel

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7. Newcastle Theatre Royal


Easily one of the grandest theatres in the land.


At night

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8. St James’ Park


A big impressive stadium, befitting a big, impressive team.   Newcastle have certainly played a few of those in their time.



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Contributors: Ryan Magee, Chris Lomas



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