Travelling without music sucks! That’s why we dispatched our resident muso to create the ultimate playlist for your train journey from London Euston to Manchester Piccadilly. Two vibrant, exciting cities, joined by a high-speed train service that gets you there in under two and a half hours, and which also happen to share a rich cultural, and particularly musical history. Subscribe to our Spotify playlist, sit back, and enjoy.



  1. Train in Vain’ – the Clash – (03:10)


Come on, they’re a quintessentially ‘London’ band, it’s got the word ‘train’ in the title… It just had to be the Joe Strummer and the boys, didn’t it?  One of the Clash’s most popular and enduring songs, and the perfect start to our journey.



  1. 8 Miles High’ – the Byrds – (03:34)

California folk-rockers the Byrds wrote this psychedelic classic after a trip to the Big Smoke.



  1. American Boy’ – Estelle feat. Kanye West (04:44)


Kind of the opposite of Sting’s ‘Englishman in New York’, in that it’s about an American Boy in London…



  1. Vertigo’ – the Libertines – (02:38)


Pete!  Carl!  The other two! Yes, as we make our way towards Camden, it’s only right that I’ve gone for the hell-raising Libertines with this, the riotous opening track to 2002’s seminal debut ‘Up the Bracket’ album.



  1. Warwick Avenue Duffy (03:34)


The title of this 2008 soul-pop hit from Welsh songstress Duffy references the Little Venice area of North London.



  1. Rehab’ – Amy Winehouse (03:35)


The queen of Camden herself!  An absolute monster hit, this catchy, deceptively soulful track propelled a young North London girl with the voice of an old soul diva into a global star, with ultimately tragic consequences.



  1. London Loves’ – Blur (04:15)


If I’m being perfectly honest, Essex natives Blur have a fair number of songs that reference London, but I wanted to include this quirky little number from 1994’s ‘Parklife’, because it’s actually got the name of the city in the title, and it’s my list, so there!



  1. Roundabout’ – Yes (08:32)


A truly ambitious ‘journey’ of a track, by prog rock heroes Yes, I’m going to go out on a limb and say that it was probably not inspired by traffic in the capital, though the band themselves formed in Shaftesbury Avenue, so who knows?



  1. Lola’ – the Kinks (04:02)


An absolute classic from those Muswell Hillbillies themselves, it the Kinks!  Possibly the greatest London band of all time…



  1. You Can’t Always Get What You Want’ – the Rolling Stones (7:29)


…Apart from this one! Gotta have the ‘Stones in there.



  1. Tiny Dancer’ – Elton John (06:17)


I’ve gone for this one because, not only does it remind me of travelling, for some reason, but also London-born Elton John also happens to be club president of Watford FC, which we’re passing close by on our journey.



  1. Loaded’ – Primal Scream (07:02)


Primal Scream were scheduled to play weekly BBC music show Top of the Pops 1994, but missed it because they refused to get out at Luton Airport, as it was ‘not rock ’n’ roll enough’.



  1. Helicopter’ – Bloc Party (03:04)


Passing by Milton Keynes, which is where Bloc Party bassist Gordon Moakes hails from.


  1. The Tourist’ – Radiohead (05:27)


Most people associate Radiohead with Oxford, however lead singer, principle songwriter and all-round happy chap Thom Yorke was actually born near Northampton.



  1. ‘When You Leave’ – Maps (06:07)


Lo-Fi Northamptonshire Electronica.  Which is a strange sentence when you think about it…



  1. Bela Lugosi’s Dead’ – Bauhaus (09:39)


Arguably one of the greatest goth-punk bands to ever come from the Northampton area.



  1. You Make it Real For Me‘ – James Morrison (03:31)


As we speed past Rugby, next up is gravel-voiced Warwickshire native James Morrison with this 2008 Single.



  1. Connection’ – Elastica (02:20)


Justin Welch, drummer with Britpoppers Elastica was born in Nuneaton, which is, I think you’ll agree, a pretty cool musical ‘connection’ to the area.  Ahem.



  1. Reward’ – ‘The Teardrop Explodes (02:42)


Bless my cotton socks, I love this track!  Really picks up the pace for the home leg of our journey as we whizz through Tamworth, hometown of the weird and wonderful Julian Cope…



  1. I Believe in a Thing Called Love’ – the Darkness (03:36)


Look, I’m not proud of this one, alright?  It’s just that we’re now passing through Lichfield, which is the hometown of Darkness bassist Richie Edwards.  Honest.  That’s the only reason.



  1. Do I love You (Indeed I Do)’ – Frank Wilson (02:20)


I must confess: I’m a bit of Northern Soul geek, so I couldn’t help but include this absolute floor-filler as we pull into Stoke-on-Trent, home of the the famous mod hotspot ‘The Torch’ nightclub.



  1. Oh Girl’ – the Chi-Lites (3:31)


Continuing the Stoke/soul theme with this, one of my all-time favourites by Chicago’s the Chi-Lites, one of many great acts to play at the The Torch in it’s heyday.



  1. Transmission’ – Joy Division (03:37)


Arriving at Macclesfield, we go from smooth soul to the bleak dystopia of the massively influential Joy Division.



  1. Come on Feel the Noize’ – Slade (4:22)


I didn’t think I’d get chance to squeeze bit of Slade in, so imagine my delight at finding out Noddy Holder lives in Macclesfield!



  1. Hand in Glove’ – The Smiths (03:16)


Getting very close to Manchester, and the end of journey, but first we quickly stop off in Stockport, home of Strawberry Studios, where Morrissey and Co convened to record this groundbreaking moment in British indie music.



  1. Step On’ – Happy Mondays (05:16)


You’re twistin’ my melon man!  We’re now beginning our approach into Madchester.



  1. Supersonic’ – Oasis (04:43)


This was the debut single from a little-known Burnage beat combo by the name of Oasis.  Not sure what else they did after this, to be honest…



  1. Waterfall’ – The Stone Roses (04:38)


To my mind, this is the perfect song to arrive in Manchester to; surreal, uplifting, energetic and exciting – just like the city itself.

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  1. No edm tunes?!?! Do what I do and either listen to ASOT digital radio with some WICKED Trance tunes or reaqd The Bone Clocks which is a fantastic new novel by the author of Cloud Atlas

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