Things you will do to avoid reading during reading week

Things you will do to avoid reading during reading week… Although reading week always begins with a flurry of studious enthusiasm, this is what will happen… Snack Although you’ve probably got food, you’ll decide you need specific study snacks in order to knuckle down. You nip to the shops, over and over. Well, everyone knows […]


A Commitment to Paperless Tickets

Yesterday evening Chris Grayling, Secretary of State for Transport, spoke at the National Transport Awards on the need to embrace mobile technology in the rail sector and for customer experience to be put at the heart of future transport initiatives.   Clare Gilmartin, Trainline CEO, shares her thoughts following the speech: We are delighted Mr Grayling has committed to […]


Only Super Organised People Will Get These Christmas Feels

Only Super Organised People Will Get These 7 Christmas Feels… ONE. The joyous feeling when you’ve completed your Christmas shopping by Halloween. TWO. The smug satisfaction when you’ve ordered your Christmas food already and you know you’ve bagged the perfect Christmas home-delivery slot. THREE. You want to make sure your friends all across the globe know you’re thinking […]

Train home for Christmas

Home for Christmas

We know it’s a bit early, OK, a lot early, to be talking about Christmas, but hear us out. If you’re planning to travel in December – to see the parents, the grandparents, Aunt Mabel and Aunt Mabel’s cat, the time for booking your trains is now. The train companies have released their Christmas and New Year timetables, which means […]


PriceBot from Trainline

PriceBot: Looking for the cheapest train fare?   Simply tap on PriceBot in Trainline’s app and the cheapest train ticket available on your route for your date of travel will appear: Save money – easy to decide if it’s worth changing your travel plans for a cheaper deal Save time – as no need to search 24hrs-worth of […]


World Car Free Day

We’re celebrating World Car Free Day like true eco-warriors but if you need a bit more convincing here are 7 reasons to leave your car at home… ONE: Other drivers are morons There’s always that middle lane road hog, out on their Sunday drive, getting in the way when you’re just trying to get where you need […]


Trainline for iMessage

You may have noticed that Trainline has been pretty excited for iOS10, and our own iMessage update. iMessage is Apple’s messaging system and thanks to this most recent update it is now possible to link Trainline, directly into your messages. This means that you can let people know where you are, when you’ll arrive and […]


BusyBot from Trainline

BusyBot is here, but what is it? Being comfortable is an important part of enjoying yourself, a noisy neighbour or a cold air con can get you down. At Trainline we know the feeling, and we want to make it better. That’s why we’re proud to present BusyBot, our new feature to help you find […]


Travel across Europe with Trainline

Seeing double? Oh no you’re not! You can now travel across 24 countries in Europe with Trainline, try out Trainline Europe here. Travel on Europe’s major rail networks with the usual ease and speed you’ve come to expect from Trainline… It’s available for desktop and mobile, here’s an easy way to remember which one you need…   Other […]


6 signs it’s back to uni time

The SIX signs you’re going back to uni… Sometimes all the signs come at once, sometimes the feeling just sort of creeps in, but around about now, you know the back-to-uni vibes will strike. Here are the 6 signs that you’re going back to uni… ONE Slowly but surely Halloween themed objects begin to infiltrate everyday […]